Grass Seed Cat Litter Review: SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter

Grass Seed Cat Litter

In this article you can read about a review of SmartCat by Pioneer Pet, from one cat owner’s YouTube-video. This includes summaries of her findings, as well as descriptive quotes from the video.

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These are the main points from the grass seed litter review:

  • Transitioning – how she transitioned her cats to the new litter
  • Odor – her experience with odor control
  • Clumping – showing and describing how the litter performs when it comes to clumping
  • Conclusion – would she recommend it?

If you prefere, you can also watch the video below. The different sections in the article contains timestamps, to make it easier to navigate and find what you are looking for.

Why she chose SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter from Pioneer Pet

As an environmentally concious cat owner, she made the choice to switch to natural litter 10 years ago, because she wanted a healthier alternative to clay.

After seeing a demonstration of this product’s clumping abilities, she decided to give it a try. She was not disappointed, and neither were her cats – who of course are the most important judges in all of this.

“I got tired of the strip mining involved with making clay litters. It really scars the earth, and they do not biodegrade. Especially the clumping types. …that stuff is just really horrible for the planet, and it is not great for you to breathe in when you are scooping and pouring. It is full of silica dust, which its not good for your lungs. It is certainly not good for your cats lungs [either]. They are breathing it in while they are pawing away in there, and they are licking it off when they are grooming themselves. As far as I am concerned, I only want to go all natural.”

Timestamp: 1:27

Transitioning to grass seed litter

Being a multi cat household, she already had multiple litter boxes. She started the transition by taking one of the boxes, and replacing the old litter with the grass seed litter. This provided the cats with the option to use the new litter, giving them a choice.

You can read more about the benefits of this method in the Transition gradually-section of this article.

“I will take one pan, and I will dump that out completely.
Instead of [the old litter], put two inches of this new stuff on the bottom
and put the old stuff on top.”

Timestamp: 5:07

Having three cats, and three personalities to convince, she initially had some concerns about switching litter. Fortunately, her doubts did not last very long. They quicly wanished when her toughest critic, a 14 year old female, immediately decided to use it.

“She came down, and she is Little Miss Princess, she is very picky about everything – I did not have this litter in that pan for more than 30 seconds, if that, and she was already in it, digging around and making all kinds of deposits. So I thought “Wow great, the Princess approves”, you know the rest will all be downhill. And sure enough, the other two guys went for it.”


This instant success led her to change all of the litter boxes to grass seed litter, within a week.

Odor control

Her experience with odor control:

The odor control is wonderful. I have never, ever, smelled urine, and I scoop my boxes at least twice a day, every single day … I have yet, even when it is fresh, when they have just done it within a few minutes of me getting over there with the scoop, I do not smell any urine smell, I am astounded by that And I am pretty picky about that kind of stuff. I know I have three cats; you are going to smell that occasionally. Especially if you happen to go scooping right after one of them has been in there, doing their business. I honestly can not smell the urine.”


She also mentions that the litter conceals the odor of the feces pretty well, and that she does not really smell those deposits either.

Clumping abilities

In the video, you can see how well the grass seed litter performs when it comes to clumping. She did a small experiment to demonstrate this, by pouring some water into the litter. She describes how the clump feels almost like gelatin. After she deliberately broke the clump into two pieces, she was even able to put it back together, forming one single clump again.

“Let us take a look at our clump and see where we are at here.
Here is what it looks like, and this is just plain water,
so I am perfectly fine with touching it. It is almost kind of gelatin like, it is the strangest thing … It is really firm and it does not break apart … even tossing it back and forth.”


She then deliberately breaks the clump apart:

“You can break it apart … You can actually stick it back together.
It does not fall apart, it actually stays a clump.”



The cat owner who made this video seems very impressed with the product. Especially when it comes to clumping and odor control. She recommends it to other cat owners, and encourages people to search for it in their area. SmartCat litter is also avaliable online, and can be purchased at Chewy offers free shipping on orders over $49, so consider if there is anything else you might need, such as catfood or a litter mat.

“It is just it is just mind-boggling how well this stuff works. I am quite pleased with this, which is why I wanted to share with all you guys. If you have cats, or if you are thinking about switching to a natural litter,
if you are thinking about getting a cat … this would be a great product to try, if you can find it in your area.”

Timestamp: 10:42

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